SPOUSES, DIVORCE, and BLENDED FAMILIES: Estate and Inheritance Issues

Estate Planning Legal Webinar Archive: Playlist 07

What special rights does a spouse have – and not have – when inheriting assets? Can a spouse access your retirement accounts? What steps should you take together to ensure a smooth succession to a spouse in a Living Trust?

In this series of webinars, we also answer: How should an Estate Plan and Living Trust deal with ex-spouses, a blended family, or other complicated family situations? Does an ex-spouse have to be included in your will or Trust? Are there special laws in California related to blended families and inheritance? How can a Living Trust or Will be fair to an ex-spouse and children from more than one marriage?


Crucial Estate Planning Strategies After a DIVORCE

Divorce? Inheritance rights immediately change, your Living Trust winks out of existence—and then it really gets complicated…

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Remarried? Blended Family? CRITICAL Estate Planning Issues

If you were recently remarried or are getting remarried, you absolutely must revisit your Estate Plan – because yes, it will immediately go out of date…

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How to PREPARE Financially for the Death of a Spouse

As a couple, you’ve done everything you can to be financially secure upon retirement. But have you considered what the financial picture will look like after the first one of you passes?

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Second Marriages and Blended Families – The Top Estate ISSUES

Community property, specialized trusts, asset protection– how do you play fair, define your goals, and ensure your wishes will be carried out, despite complex situations?

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PROTECT Child’s INHERITANCE from Future Ex-Spouse

Have you ever thought you might need to protect your child’s inheritance against a future ex son-in-law or daughter-in-law? Worried that your hard-earned wealth will go…

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Estate Planning for Blended Families & Second Marriages

Estate Planning for Blended Families & Second Marriages

People who divorce, remarry, and create blended families often create inheritance disasters because they never updated their Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney with an expert. …

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Should My Kid be My Trustee? - HUGE Estate Planning DILEMMA

Should My Kid be My Trustee? – HUGE Estate Planning DILEMMA

Naming a trustee isn’t about about just naming your oldest, or making sure all your kids are equally involved when they act as a successor …

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DIVORCED? Critical Estate Planning- Inheritance issues

DIVORCED? Critical Estate Planning: Inheritance issues

Considering divorce? “Yours, Mine, and Ours” has a whole new meaning. Your estate plan NEEDS needs serious rethinking. If you don’t, you’d better think about …

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Community Property VS Separate Property?

Community Property VS Separate Property? – Estate Problems

Did you know if you’re married, you may not actually own your house? Home ownership for married couples is an extremely complicated issue. A death …

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