Should I Consider Oil & Gas Govt Tax-Subsidized INVESTMENTS?

Did you know that the federal government subsidizes oil and gas investments to encourage economic activity? Savvy investors can minimize income tax liability while receiving a good return. Join us to learn more about a tax-saving strategy only offered during the limited two-month window of July and August. Informational webinar only. Nothing will be sold at this webinar.

Estate Planning attorney James L. Cunningham joins Christina Lindsay and Chris Spence from Mewbourne Oil Company to talk about this very popular estate planning topic. They’ll talk a little bit about the tax benefits of drilling limited partnerships, explain what an intangible Drilling Cost Deduction (IDC) is, depreciation, Percentage Depletion Allowance, and GP/LP consideration.

They’ll talk about how the IDC works in Melbourne Partnerships and the environmental considerations including well design, air quality and emissions, water infrastructure, and the drilling process.

As you can see, there is a lot you need to consider before deciding to invest in oil and gas and we’ll go over it all in this webinar!




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