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Why RETIRING IN CALIFORNIA May Actually Be a Smart Idea

Are you trying to decide if you’ll retire in California or head to less expensive states? Whatever your choice, savvy Tax Planning and California Estate Planning is required—and when you do that planning, you may just decide that the Golden State isn’t such a bad option, after all. There are all kinds of tax benefits for retirees here: property taxes are controlled and predictable, and did you know that those who already own property here can now easily transfer their Prop 13 caps to a new home? Worried about California’s high state income tax? A host of tax mitigation strategies are available, if you know where to look.

Among the many topics we’ll cover in this legal webinar are:

Retirement in California
Taxes in California—most people assume they’re higher—that’s not always true!
Why you should think of retirement in segments
Factors to consider in retirement including State and Local Income Taxes, Capital Gains Taxes, and County and Local Property Taxes
The case for retiring in California:
Income Taxes are low for many retirees
Elimination of Capital Gains Tax on the death of one spouse
California does not impose tax on Social Security Benefits
Stable (and often low) Property Taxes

We’ll talk about key takeaways including why you need to assemble a legal “A-Team” (attorney, CPA, financial advisor) to help you make good decisions. We’ll also discuss why those with estates of $10M+/income of $1M+ need to consider a Family Office in addition to an “A-Team!”

Whether you’re a longtime Californian or an out-of-stater looking for better weather, this webinar is a must!

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