MISSED CA Prop 19 Deadline? SAVE Your Low CA Prop 13 Taxes!

URGENT action on California Prop 19 after Feb 15 2021 deadline to save your CA Prop 13 tax caps for your kids. Estate Planning Attorney Jim Cunningham, founder of CunninghamLegal, has devised with his team a NEW PROP 19 LEGAL STRATEGY that savvy families can take advantage of to SAVE BIG on property taxes, avoid reassessment, and keep their Prop 13 advantages.

Proposition 19 in California largely repealed Proposition 58, almost eliminating your right to transfer your low Proposition 13 tax protections to your children—and yes, this is one of the most underreported stories in California.

If you missed the Feb. 15/16 deadline to transfer assets or make other changes before the law went into effect, you can still take steps to save on taxes. Learn about strategic opportunities to preserve Prop 13 for your family—and how to take advantage of some GOOD points in the new law.

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