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In this free legal webinar, Estate Planning and Trust Administration Attorney, James L. Cunningham Jr. is joined by the Hon. Glen M. Reiser to discuss navigating probate from a judge’s perspective. 

For most laypeople, the process of probate can feel like a big mystery: How does probate work in California? Do I need a lawyer for probate? Can I do probate myself? How much does probate in California usually cost? Does a Will have to go through probate? How long does probate take in California? 

The steps in the California probate process are clear, but the steps are also numerous—and like most legal processes, everything has to be done just right, and in just the right order. If you are the executor of someone’s Last Will and Testament, this responsibility falls on you. You are legally required to see probate through in an honest and diligent way—or you may face liability.

In this legal webinar we’ll discuss:

  • A lawyer’s role in probate court
  • How attorneys assess capacity
  • Untrustworthy trustees
  • Sibling rivalry in probate
  • Blended families in probate
  • Attorney as trustee: good or bad?
  • Notable cases

Watch as Jim and Judge Reiser answer these and other questions about the process of probate!

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