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How Do Trusts WORK? What Happens After Death or Incapacity?

When you are gone, will your kids have any idea how to administer the Living Trust (or other Trusts, or IRAs) you so carefully created? What if one of your children or successor trustee dies before you do? Bring your adult children to this special legal webinar and plan together for multi-generational wealth. We’ll answer questions such as: What is the proper role of a trustee? What are the rules trustees must follow? What are the risks? What role do beneficiaries play? What should a trustee do about assets not held in the trust? What about IRAs, life insurance, annuities, and the like? What is the original grantor’s responsibility in keeping the trust up-to-date—and why is that so vital? Eliminate the mystery and prepare your family for the future! You may also wish to read our blog on choosing a Trustee.

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