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‘FAMILY OFFICE’ for High-Net-Worth Tax & Estate Planning

Families with assets over approximately $10M often require centralized, and highly customized long-term planning to manage and preserve their wealth through the years and across generations. That means strategic continuity not just for investments, but for properties, trusts, taxation, and lines of succession. Learn how establishing a “Family Office” at CunninghamLegal enables a proactive approach to family legacy management. A Family Office will coordinate strategies with all your advisors, implement advanced tax planning, structure business succession, protect assets, and build the charitable and legacy trusts you need to achieve your family’s multi-generational goals. Please join this important webinar to learn more.

In this legal webinar California Estate Planning Attorney Jim Cunningham covers:

What is a “Family Office?” and how does it work?
What kind of families need a Family Office?
Who the mandatory members of a Family Office are, for example:
Law firm
Accountancy firm
Financial advisory firm
Insurance firm
Other advisors you might need in your Family Office including:
Spiritual advisor
Real estate professional
Other specialty advisors
If you don’t have a Family Office, are your advisors connecting with each other?
What kinds of different “Time Horizons” your advisors are working on.
What gets discussed at a yearly Family Office meeting.
How the members of your Family Office team work together.
How we coordinate your tax filing (so you don’t get stuck with penalties!).
What gets presented to you at the annual Family Office Summit.
How a Family Office saves you major money in taxes.
How a Family Office takes pressure off you and your family and how it helps you meet both your short-term and long-term goals.

Significant assets require care and feeding–you can try to do it yourself or you can hire experts who really know what they’re doing.

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