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Advanced Strategies to Lower YOUR Income Tax

Surprisingly few financial advisors and CPAs offer significant strategies for reducing your taxes—and only the very wealthy seem to know the secrets for keeping their income streams out of the hands of the IRS. With the upcoming huge tax law changes, you need this kind of advice more than ever. In this webinar we’ll explore some advanced strategies you can employ to lower your income taxes this year and beyond…so long as you plan ahead and don’t wait until tax time to take action!

In this legal webinar, we’ll discuss tax planning strategies like:

  • “Tax Benefit” concept:
    • Tax credits
    • Tax deduction
    • Tax deferral
    • Paying someone else’s taxes
    • Avoiding tax penalties
  • Strategies for W2 workers and retirees (401Ks, Charitable Remainder Trust (CRTs), Charitable Remainder Unitrust (CRUT), Retirement Charitable Lead Annuity Trust (RCLAT), Gifts of RMD to Charity, Gifts of Stock, Annuities,
  • Strategies for business owners (QBI, S corporations, Cash Balance Pension Plans (CBPP), Commercial Solar Benefits )
  • Strategies for all (Oil and Gas investments)
  • Strategies for property owners (1031 exchange)

Don’t wait! Speak to a qualified estate planning and tax attorney to learn how you can lower your taxes today!


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