Bay Area Real Estate Market 2021–Get In or Get Out?

What is the state of the Real Estate market right now in the Bay Area? Get an up-to-the-minute assessment from experts on the ground. Is it time to get in or get out? Should Millennials be trying for their first house, trading up to their second house, or is it time to take a pause? What moves should real estate investors make? A vital webinar for anyone in the market.

Jim Cunningham is joined by Keller Williams Realtors Lynda Dimond and Darren Merritt in this legal webinar about the Bay Area Real Estate market.

Topics we discuss in this legal webinar are:

Residential vs commercial Real Estate
Buying vs renting a home
Investing in short-term and long-term rentals
The increase in Real Estate price per square foot
Home improvements that add value to your house
What is Prop 19 and Prop 13 California
1031 exchange rules

If you own property in the Bay Area or are thinking of buying there, you’ll definitely want to watch this legal webinar!

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