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My wife and I recently met with Preston to update our Family Trust. He and his staff did an excellent job outlining our options and considering our needs. The final documents met all our expectations. Based on this experience, I recommended Preston to my mother and she is working with him to update her trust.

Ken N.

Jim is the rare combination of a brilliant, innovative estate lawyer who communicates in way that business leaders and their spouses understand.

Mark J.

I’ve been very happy and blessed with the way Stephen Wood and crew put our Trust together. They walked us through ever inch of the Estate Planning Portfolio and answered questions with the highest respect.


It is imperative that proper legal work be done to ensure all wishes for loved ones are carried out. The family owned and operated team at CunninghamLegal are extremely knowledgeable, courteous and provide service that is the top of their profession. Every effort is made to give clients the best possible help with all needs.


CunninghamLEgal really came through for me. With all the lack of understanding regarding healthcare laws, they created a grantor trust that was air tight. Everything worked just the way they said it would. Working with them was a good experience and Marisa was a real help.


Jim and his team were easy to work with.  Jim laid out our plan in very understandable terms and guided us through the estate planning process.  We had a tight time table and Jim delivered.


Working with Jim Cunningham has saved me a small fortune. My business partner and I went to him with problems related to conservatorship of a good friend. We had been given advice we were following but finding challenging. Jim suggested we look at the situation in a different way and explained why, in his experience, it would be a better choice. Because of Jim’s ideas we were able to preserve more than $200,000 in our friends assets, save thousands in legal fees, and save many hours of our time because we do not need to report to the court every year.

My wife and I had met with a couple lawyers to discuss a family trust we needed. Both presented the idea without a suggestion that what we needed was unique to us but rather a cookie cutter process. We decided to talk to Jim Cunningham because of a favorable experience we had had with him previously. What a difference! Jim had us look at so many different issues that we had not ever given thought to. We now have a trust we feel good about that addresses more issues than I could have imagined. It has been created to grow with us as our assets grow.

I thought Cunningham Legal was so good that I brought them in to do a seminar for our employees.

Owen T.

Dear Mr. Cunningham, It was a privilege to be at the seminar on Saturday. Very glad I came! I so appreciated everything that Mr. Wood shared. It will clearly be beneficial to make an appointment in the near future. Very nice to see you again, and meet Mr. Wood. He has a calm manner. May I say that you both look so great in person. The photos of you two do not do you justice. Thanks very much for all your efforts.


Hi Olivia, I can’t thank you enough for your help and determination in to resolve this matter. This is wonderful news you have to be a great asset to CunninghamLegal with your professionalism and compassion in your job, it truly shows.


After two frustrating times trying to put a family trust together only to be burned out with lawyer talk and competency of advice I found Cunningham Legal. Jim and his staff made my wife and I very comfortable with the process, advised us well and delivered a great Trust quicker than I thought possible. I am the first to recommend Cunningham Legal and have done so a few times since having our Family Trust completed.


My husband, Bob and I want to thank Jim Cunningham and his staff, including Renee, Sharon, Gina and Marisa for the professional way they handled our Family Trust. All involved were very knowledgeable and able to answer, to our satisfaction, the questions we asked. All involved were very knowledgeable and able to answer, to our satisfaction, the questions we asked. They also helped resolve some issues that came up in a timely manner. We would recommend CunninghamLegal as the go to legal team for Family, Trusts, Probate, Living Wills and other associated services.

Robert & Paula

We have become very comfortable with Jim and staff. The staff is professional when working with us. We have dealt with CunninghamLegal for many years and trust their expertise as a family.

Mark & Lorie

We appreciate the personal connection, knowledge, experience and welcoming atmosphere. We like that everything is explained to us so we fully understand the process.

Henry & Romelia

We had a positive experience with everyone at CunninghamLegal. Thanks to Ed Goodson for his kindness, patience and being a compassionate person. Thanks to Rebecca and Debbie for answering the many questions we had. Keep up the good work!

Larry and Beverly B.

Preston and Kristen, thank you both for all your kind and professional help throughout this trust process. It was a very stressful and emotional time and we appreciate all your efforts in assisting us.

Lynn D.

The Camarillo Team of CunninghamLegal is patient, understanding, professional, and knowledgeable.  Stephen Wood is very responsive to our specific needs to make sure that we have peace of mind at the end of the day.  I am glad that I just did not Google and create my own trust without the proper legal advice received from Stephen. Thank you for sending us the flyer on ” The Top Estate Planning Mistakes”.


We both felt at ease and comfortable meeting with Jim C. at his Menlo Park office. He took the time to clearly explain the reason for our living trust update. The experience was positive and reassuring. His office assistants were accommodating and professional.

Larry and Jeanne H.

It is rare when a business meeting goes completely right in all respects. This happened with the preparation and presentation of our trust. This was possible because of Rebecca Good. It is an exceptional team member that can be totally professional while at the same time being personable and enjoyable. You can also sense that she is genuine and sincere. Congratulations to the person responsible for hiring her.

Roger & Autumn A.

Great service. I enjoyed meeting all of the nice people in the office and working with them.


My wife and I chose Stephen Wood to establish our family trust. Stephen was extremely knowledgeable, professional and trustworthy. Prior to Stephen, my wife and I thought setting up a family trust was going to be a confusing and time consuming process. Not so with Stephen. He was quick to answer all questions and expedited the process. We highly recommend him. Thank you again Stephen!

Josh D.

Our experience with CunninghamLegal exceeded our expectations from the first contact at a very informative Estate Planning seminar through a very professional process, culminating in a Family Trust and Estate Planning Portfolio. My wife and I now have peace of mind that our affairs are in order and our three children are happy they know what to do and how to do it with a very solid Estate Plan. Our special thanks to Jim, Deb, Becca and other team members who did such a professional and diligent job guiding us and providing exactly what we needed. We look forward to a continuing relationship, and we will be touting your services to our family members, friends and associates. Thank you all again.

Steve & Paula R.

I’m so grateful for your assistance with this project. It’s like a heavy load has been lifted from my shoulders.


As for the staff at CunninghamLegal, their professional conduct, their willingness to ensure complete understanding and their encouragement to ask questions really goes a long way. We never felt rushed and always felt our best interest was paramount. I’m not sure you can measure a legal experience on a “fun meter”, but we actually had some lighthearted enjoyment and a touch of laughter.

Steve K.

I left your office with extreme confidence with your services. Everyone I dealt with was knowledgeable, patient and understanding with dealing with an inexperienced client like me. Thank you!

Peter V.