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Passive Income Streams: Thinking beyond real estate

Whether you’re looking to supplement your current income, retire early, or create a sustainable source of wealth, understanding passive income is key…

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Fund It Now! Five Ways to Put Assets in a Living Trust

You have to “fund,” or put assets into your trust as soon as possible—and make sure all the right assets have been moved into the trust. In this webinar, we will explore five different ways to fund your trust..

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How Can Successor Trustees Get PAID? Trustee Fees

Trustees are often entitled to a “reasonable amount” of compensation— but, how much IS that? Trustees can be paid a percentage of assets or paid based on the time and effort that they put into…

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CONCEPTOS BÁSICOS de la Planificación Patrimonial en Español

Aquí en CunninghamLegal, hablamos mucho sobre estrategias avanzadas de planificación patrimonial, pero ¿qué hay de los CONCEPTOS BÁSICOS?

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2026 Estate Tax Exemption Sunset: Opportunities and Risks for Your Estate Plan

The Federal Estate Tax Exemption is set to sunset in 2026, which will result in the estate tax exclusion amount being roughly cut in half from its present level. Are you and your estate plan prepared?

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How to Pass on Real Estate Under Prop 19

California’s Prop 19 changed everything about leaving real estate to the next generation. How can you minimize property taxes when you leave your family …

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Legacy Life Insurance Policies: Is your coverage evolving with your needs?

Is that life insurance policy that you bought decades ago still serving a good purpose? As life circumstances change and the array of offerings in the life insurance industry evolves…

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Can “Income Smoothing” Lower Your Taxes?

“Income Smoothing” is a multi-year strategy that can lower your overall income tax bill. Savvy high-income earners use it every year: why shouldn’t you?

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When and How to PROBATE Real Estate Properties in California

When is probate needed for real estate properties in California? How do you sell a probated property? This vital webinar covers the full probate journey for real estate…

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Joint vs Separate Trust for Married Couples: What’s Right for YOU

Should you consider separate Trusts in your Estate Plan, even though you’re married? Certainly, a joint trust offers certain advantages, but separate trusts can offer greater flexibility…

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How to Best Own Investment Real Estate: LLCs, Joint Tenancy, Trusts, and More

There are LOTS of ways to own investment property, and consequently, LOTS of confusion about what’s best. How should you choose…

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STOCK MARKET: Mid-Year Market Outlook & Insights for 2023

Join us for an insightful and exclusive conversation with Horizon Investments as we sort through the shifting landscape of the global economy, market fundamentals, and the outlook from Wall Street to Main Street…

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AB Trusts: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Lawyers used to use “AB Trusts” as a common Estate Planning strategy—indeed, you may have one without even knowing it. But times and laws have changed…

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Inheritance STRATEGIES for Your Wealthy Children

Do you have financially successful adult children? What will happen when they inherit your money and properties? Learn how to rethink your Estate Plan to protect the next generation!

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SECRETS of Oil & Gas Tax-Subsidized Investing

Did you know that the federal government subsidizes oil and gas investments to encourage economic activity? Looking for a creative investment that saves big …

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Dynasty Trusts: Not Just for the Super Rich!

Don’t miss this webinar on how to set up your children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, etc. for success—start your own dynasty…

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Uncover Hidden Traps in Your Living Trust: Virtual WORKSHOP!

If you haven’t reviewed your Living Trust in a while, you might be surprised to discover hidden traps, concerns and serious problems lurking within its …

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RETHINK Your Retirement Planning Strategy

Retired? Close to retirement? Have you done your critical financial rethinking? Your new focus may be distribution…

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