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Inheritance STRATEGIES for Your Wealthy Children

Do you have financially successful adult children? What will happen when they inherit your money and properties? Learn how to rethink your Estate Plan to protect the next generation!

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SECRETS of Oil & Gas Tax-Subsidized Investing

Did you know that the federal government subsidizes oil and gas investments to encourage economic activity? Looking for a creative investment that saves big …

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Dynasty Trusts: Not Just for the Super Rich!

Don’t miss this webinar on how to set up your children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, etc. for success—start your own dynasty…

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Uncover Hidden Traps in Your Living Trust: Virtual WORKSHOP!

If you haven’t reviewed your Living Trust in a while, you might be surprised to discover hidden traps, concerns and serious problems lurking within its …

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RETHINK Your Retirement Planning Strategy

Retired? Close to retirement? Have you done your critical financial rethinking? Your new focus may be distribution…

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Choosing and Educating Your Future Trustees – Do it Right!

Prepare your trustees instead of throwing them in the deep end of the pool! Vital for EVERYONE leaving behind a Living Trust and successor trustees: that means you!

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How to Leave Your Kids a Fortune Without Ruining Their Lives

What would your kids do if they received a large inheritance? Could it ruin them? Would they know how to handle it? People who suddenly come into big money often blow it, big time…

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What If My Spouse Remarries? Protecting Your Kids After You’re Gone

You certainly may want your spouse to benefit from your hard work, but you probably also want to ensure something is left over for the kids! We’ll discuss your estate planning options…

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Estate Planning BASICS: Avoid Probate, Save Taxes, Protect Your Legacy!

What are the common Estate Planning mistakes? If you’ve been procrastinating, or have adult children who need to begin this process, bring them along—and join us as we get back to basics!

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Collapse of Silicon Valley Bank & How to invest in the Slowing Economy

Uncertain about your investments and your bank? You are not alone. 2022 was WORSE than 1929 when it came to 60/40 (stock/bond) portfolio returns. This was a big reason behind SVB’s collapse…

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Protect Your Wealth! The Secrets to Assembling Your A-Team of Advisors!

How can you find and vet advisors or get them to actually talk to one another?! In this webinar, we explore secret approaches used by savvy folks to get advisors working as a team!

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Reduce the ERTC Hit! Employee Retention Tax Credit Mitigation

The Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC) for 2020 or 2021 helped many businesses stay afloat during the height of the pandemic. But now, those tax bills are coming due…

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LLC vs. Corp—Which Is Best for Your Business?

What’s the best structure for your business or real estate investments—a Limited Liability Company (LLC) or Corporation? Which best fits your needs and has the most protections and advantages…

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NEW Proposed Tax Laws for LTC Policies and How to Repurpose your Life Insurance to Help!

Did you know that the state of California may soon require you to purchase long term care insurance? We’ll discuss the proposed legislation and what to do about it…

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Valentine’s Estate Planning Special: Love & Danger for Spouses, Widows, and Widowers

In this special legal webinar, we’ll discuss issues unique to married couples, widows, and widowers. Some living trusts used to be very good, but have become outdated…

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How Do Trusts WORK? What Happens After Death or Incapacity?

When you’re gone, will your kids have any idea how to administer the Living Trust (or other Trusts, or IRAs) you carefully created? Bring your adult children to this legal webinar and plan together…

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Income Tax Reduction Strategies for Professionals and 1099 Earners

Are you a self-employed professional or mostly report 1099 income? You can save thousands of dollars in income taxes every year through smart business planning…

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Stung by 2022? Get Your 2023 Financial Act Together!

If you’re still feeling the financial sting of 2022, join us and get your 2023 financial act together. Don’t make the same financial mistakes twice…

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