Trust Administration. What’s That?

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Trust Administration – What’s that?

This is a question we get on occasion from clients.  The terms trust administration or trust settlement refer to the process of following through with the trust provisions and distributions after someone has died.  This process may involve helping the trustees (often a family member) with gathering and liquidating assets such as real estate and investments.  Trust administration can also involve navigating tax aspects of the trust, or dealing with problem beneficiaries.  The trust administration process, when done correctly, aids the trustee in making sure that all provisions of the trust are accurately adhered to, that the inheritance is properly distributed to the correct individuals and that all taxes and other obligations are specifically addressed.

CunninghamLegal is a leading law firm in trust administration.  Operating fully staffed offices in both Northern and Southern California, our firm has a dedicated team of talented attorneys and staff whose primary focus is working with trustees to successfully distribute and complete trusts after a death.  Attorney Preston Marx is the trust administration team leader, and he is assisted by Attorney Stephen Wood.  Firm-wide, CunninghamLegal has five paralegals and two legal assistants actively working with clients to settle trusts.  Our team not only has the required legal experience knowledge, but is also adept in helping people through what is a very emotional and traumatic time in their lives.  This combination of know-how and empathy allows families bring this important chapter to a successful close.

If you would like to learn more about trust administration, are an attorney who needs trust administration for a client, or if you would like to visit one of our offices, please call Preston Marx, Attorney at CunninghamLegal on 530-269-1515 or visit our website at for more information.