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Elder Care SAFE in Nursing Home? Estate Attorney on Finances

Do you worry about the quality of care your loved one may be receiving in their nursing home or assisted living facility? How can you really know what happens in there? Are their finances in trustworthy hands?

Prescott Cole from California Advocates for Nursing Home Reform joins Estate Planning Attorney Jim Cunningham to discuss CRITICAL information you need to consider as you make long-term care plans. We’ll talk about protecting the person, protecting their finances, we’ll explain “share of cost” (SOC), what happens if you don’t pay the bill, understanding restrictions, visitation and guidelines specific to your county, and more to keep them safe and yourself sane!

We’ll also discuss seven signs that might indicate someone is at risk in a care facility (for example, inadequate staffing, malnutrition, not providing your loved one with clean clothes, and even subjecting residents to cold showers!) and what to do about it if you think your loved one is at risk! We’ll delve into key indicators of financial elder abuse—along with steps you can take to protect your loved ones.

We’ll discuss Medicare, Private Pay, and Medi-Cal, and go over how Long-Term Care insurance works and why you might want to consider it. We’ll consider benefits for veterans and survivors. Finally, we’ll go over why you should have certain documents in place like a will and a durable power of attorney for property and healthcare.

As you can see, there is a lot to discuss when it comes to elder care in nursing homes so join us as we go over all the specifics in this legal webinar.


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