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How to Talk to Your Parents: ASSISTED LIVING, Long-term care

No conversation is tougher than speaking to your elderly parents about long-term care. You see that your parent needs more care than they—or you—can handle. The role reversal gets painful as repeated discussions progress: Suddenly, your parent or perhaps your spouse seem like the rebellious teen who doesn’t want to listen—the one who insists on making dangerous choices.

Our guest speaker brings years of experience and frank advice on how to talk about the future, both personally and financially, with those you love. Mary Erickson of Mercy Mahon Senior living will be joined by our founder, Jim Cunningham.

Among the topics we’ll cover in this legal webinar are:

  • How to tell when it’s time for change
  • What to look for as indicators
  • How to choose the best option
  • How to pay for care
  • Enlisting the help of others
  • How to talk to your parents about transitioning to long-term care (and tips for a successful conversation)
  • What are choices are out there? For example:
    • Adult Day Services
    • Assisted Living Communities
    • Nursing homes
  • Assisted Living Benefits
  • How to help your parent maintain a sense of control
  • How to plan for the cost of care (ex: Long-Term Care Insurance)

If you’ve been delaying talking to your parents about Long-Term Care, now is the time to have that conversation. This legal webinar will make it much, much easier to talk to your parents about incorporating Long-Term Care into their estate planning.

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