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How to PREPARE Financially for the Death of a Spouse

It’s a tough subject, but one that must be faced. As a couple, you’ve done everything you can to be financially secure upon retirement. But have you considered what the financial picture will look like after the first one of you passes? A loss of one Social Security check and the loss of a pension without survivorship rights will lower your income. Taxes will be higher, as you will begin filing as a single person instead of married. Preparation is key, and there are important things you can only do while you’re both alive.

California Estate Planning Attorney Jim Cunningham shares key strategies in this important legal webinar for all married couples such as:

Social Security and Pensions
Income Tax Hike
Remarriage and Social Security
RDP (Registered Domestic Partner) vs Spouse
How to Prepare While Both Partners are Alive (a look at delaying Social Security, Roth conversions, pensions, and what NOT to do)
Post-Mortem Tax Planning
Life Insurance
Why most “AB” trusts are outdated

We’ll also look at some case studies and what kinds of financial mistakes many people make and why it’s so crucial to seek out the best possible expert. Again,  we realize this is a very delicate, difficult subject but CunninghamLegal can help you navigate your way through it.


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