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Hot Tax Topics and Estate Planning in 2020: Take Action NOW

Taxes in 2020: California estate planning, Roth conversions, property tax increase, avoid taxes ASAP.

Watch this video for an exclusive conversation with Chris Mann, CPA, CFP, and Partner at MUN CPA’s and California Estate Planning Attorney Jim Cunningham, CEO of CunninghamLegal for an insightful tax planning discussion. Chris has been an expert in the field of taxation for over 26 years. He specializes in individuals, partnerships, fiduciaries, estates, and corporations.

This must-see webinar includes:

– Roth conversions in this special year
– How to challenge your July property tax increase
– Selling property in 2020 without capital gains tax
– Friendlier laws for Net Operating Losses in 2020
– Can you afford to retire in California?
– How to become a non-resident of California to save taxes
– Actions you MUST take before Dec. 31

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