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Giving the Gift of Education: PITFALLS and Tax Advantages

Your child or grandchild may only be two, but it’s never too early to plan for college. The costs are astronomical, and the debt can saddle a child for decades. Just remember there are right ways and wrong ways to go about saving for college: Do it right, and you’ll create a legacy instead of paying taxes. In this webinar, we take a hard look at 529s, Roth IRAs, Life Insurance, and the shifting laws around gifting. Hint: If you’re a grandparent, setting up a 529 for your grandchild may be the best, tax-advantaged way to help…and it will have no effect on their eligibility for financial aid!

In this legal webinar, California Estate Planning Attorney Jim Cunningham and Christina Lindsey Orta of Ascent Wealth Management, cover topics such as:

Education Funding Options.
For example:
Gifting directly to student
Direct payment to institution
Myths and facts about a 529 Plan
Roth IRA
Life Insurance
The escalating cost of college and how these options may or may not affect financial aid.

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