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FUNDAMENTALS to Get Started on a Living Trust!

Just starting to think about Estate Planning? Great! We’ll explain all the basic elements of a complete Estate Plan, centered on a Living Trust. We’ll give a clear, no-nonsense overview of revocable vs irrevocable trusts, wills, pour-over wills, durable powers of attorney for property, durable powers of attorney for healthcare, HIPAA authorizations and all the basic decisions–along with how to get started, with a focus on California estate plans. Hint: It’s easier than you think!

In this legal webinar about Living Trusts in California, we discuss why it’s so important to have a Living Trust that’s right for you. We count down the Top Ten Estate Planning Mistakes including:

10. Letting your family go to probate – A Will alone usually requires a probate judge to say that the Will is valid, but a revocable Living Trust operates outside the probate court structure.

9. The belief that all trusts are the same – Unlike many other firms, CunninghamLegal has a 12-step quality control process to make sure all Living Trusts are up to date, valid, and fill the needs of each, specific client.

8. Failing to address what will happen when you’re disabled – A living will says who makes the decisions if you pass away, but who makes the choices if you become incapacitated? How will you pay for long-term care?

We’ll also talk about forms you’ll need in the event of incapacity, such as:

· Pour Over Will
· Durable Power of Attorney
· Advanced Healthcare Directive
· POLST Form
· Living Will

7. Not protecting your beneficiaries from themselves – Not every beneficiary is responsible or mature. Learn ways to protect your beneficiaries from blowing an inheritance!

6. Not protecting your beneficiaries from third parties – Don’t let predators—like a child’s future ex-spouse—get their hands on what you wanted your beneficiary to have!

5. Thinking your Living Trust covers your IRA and your retirement plans – Trusts usually don’t cover these sufficiently but there are ways you can make sure yours does.

4. Thinking your Living Trust is enough – Here’s a hint: it probably isn’t!

3. Believing who you named to act as Trustee will know what to do in the even of your death – Most Trustees have no clue what steps they need to take in the administration of a Living Trust!

2. Not keeping up with changes – If your Living Trust was written more than three years ago, you probably need to have it re-evaluated!

1. Procrastination – You really never know when you’ll need to have your Living Trust ready. Procrastination is a good way to make sure it won’t be!

Finally, we discuss other Living Trust issues like:

· The role of a Trust Protector
· The SECURE Act
· IRA Legacy Trusts
· IRS Estate Tax or Death Tax
· Asset and Income Protection

Join us for a look at Living Trusts, what you need to know about How to Make a Living Trust in California, and how to avoid common Living Trust mistakes!

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