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Do Your Adult Children Know WHAT TO DO When You Die?

Are your adult children aware of the long list of critical responsibilities, liabilities, and immediate actions that have to occur when you pass away? Especially when it comes to administering your Living Trust? No matter what your age and your health, this webinar is a great way to kick off the discussion in a professional, no-nonsense manner—so invite your adult children to watch! Our seasoned California Estate Planning Attorneys will review a punch list for everything to do – and not do – when a loved one passes away.

In this legal webinar we discuss:

  • The three phases of Trust Administration including:
    • Inventory
    • Payment of Debts, Taxes, and Expenses
    • Distribution
  • What happens if you die without a Will or Trust
  • What happens if you do have a Living Trust (hint: this is a MUCH easier process)
  • Why somebody must take responsibility to execute the Living Trust
  • Things that need to be done for any Estate (like funeral arrangements and protection of assets)
  • Real property issues (including tax reassessment and loss of Prop 13 taxes)
  • Dealing with taxes (Income Taxes, Property Taxes, Capital Gains Taxes, Death or Inheritance Taxes)
  • We’ll also discuss what NOT to do when a parent dies. 

Join us for this crucial legal webinar!


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