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Estate Planning Legal Webinars: Playlist 11

These webinars go deep into financial planning and investing topics with recognized experts in the field–everything from how to allocate your precious investment funds to how to minimize taxes on returns.

Many of these webinars feature Ascent Wealth Management. Jim Cunningham and John Lindsey co-founded Ascent Wealth Management (AWM) to better serve the clients of CunninghamLegal. They have known each other as friends and trusted referral partners since 1999. In most Attorney and Advisor relationships the care of their clients ends at the point of the referral, leaving gaps in the execution of the financial and estate plan. Jim Cunningham not only co-founded AWM, he is also serving as General Counsel—and by having a vested interest in the success of AWM, there is a high level of coordination, communication, and service to our mutual clients.


Insider Market UPDATE for 2022 into 2023

What should Wall Street (and you!) expect for the rest of 2022 into 2023? Join us for a frank and exclusive conversation…

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Why & HOW to Use an LLC for Real Estate Investing

If you want to build a real estate empire, large or small, you really need a Limited Liability Company (LLC) to do it right…

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Life Insurance—Getting It RIGHT and Getting It WRONG

We break down the issues, discuss case studies, look at common mistakes, and see how life insurance plays out in the real world…

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Building the Best FINANCIAL TEAM: Selecting CPAs & Lawyers

In this important webinar, we look at how to create a serious team to lower your anxiety level, reduce your hassles, and help you make the right moves.

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Nervous About the Market? Rethinking Portfolio RISK

How deep should you be in the stock market? In other types of investment? Are you taking the appropriate level of risk for your…

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INSIDER Stock Market Analysis with Phil Blancato

Wondering what to expect in 2022? Join us for an insightful and exclusive conversation with market strategist, Philip Blancato…

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‘FAMILY OFFICE’ for High-Net-Worth Tax & Estate Planning

Learn how establishing a “Family Office” at CunninghamLegal enables a proactive approach to family legacy management.

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FINANCIAL Forecast from Washington DC: Advice and Updates

Big news is on the horizon in Washington, D.C. that will change the financial landscape. Insight on pending legislation and what it could mean for the economy and your finances.

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High-Power INVESTING with a Self-Directed IRA

If you would like to invest your IRA funds in alternative assets, including real estate, crypto currency, startup companies, or precious metals, we will tell you how!

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SECRETS of Oil & Gas Govt Tax-Subsidized Investments

Smart investors can minimize income tax liability while receiving a remarkably good return. Learn a little-known tax-saving strategy only offered during July and August!

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Creative Income TAX STRATEGIES for BUSINESS Owners in 2021

Few business owners take the time to investigate creative tax strategies and savings techniques like opportunity zones and solar investment tax credits—are you even aware that such things exist?

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Bay Area Real Estate Market 2021–Get In or Get Out?

What is the state of the Real Estate market right now in the Bay Area? Get an up-to-the-minute assessment…

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