It is one thing to create your Estate Plan but what happens when you pass away? Someone else has to find your documents. Someone else has to read them carefully and carry out your wishes. Someone may have to go through the process of probate.

This already emotional process can be overwhelming, more so with the additional stress of making decisions about the estate that will impact those left behind for years to come.

If you have been called upon to oversee trust administration within the Estate Plan, there is a list of things you need to do – from closing out bank accounts and transferring assets to canceling subscriptions and filing life insurance claims. Some Trusts can be highly complicated and subject to specific California laws and/or liability to the executor/trustee. While this responsibility can be daunting and create anxiety, you don’t have to go through this process alone.

The California trust administration attorneys here at CunninghamLegal will work with you to determine the accurate value of the estate, minimize estate taxes, and administer trusts in conjunction with your family’s existing advisors and fiduciaries as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our trust administration attorneys also help clients and their families with the California probate process and is equipped to handle the process of probate court.

Contact us today for experienced legal counsel in administering your family’s estate and Trusts and with any probate matters.


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Protect your assets from creditors and distribute assets to the proper beneficiaries.