At the core of your estate plan is your Living Trust. Whereas a Will gives instructions for your assets and names a legal representative to be instituted upon your death, a Living Trust takes effect as soon as you create it. It is much more powerful in terms of the legal arrangements that it dictates for taking care of your assets and wishes before death, at death, and well into the future. All of your assets are named, organized, aligned, and accounted for…with our talented attorneys able to put together specific strategies based on the unique dynamics of your family.

A Living Trust estate plan also takes into account what happens to your loved ones. It decides who has guardianship of your minor children, and who takes care of your dependent and disabled loved ones. Without the correct plan in place, you may have someone making critical decisions for you that you would not have chosen, decisions that will affect the legacy and those you leave behind for years to come.

Our firm is dedicated to making sure your plan will work the way it was intended over time.

Your living trust should:
  • Protect you and your assets in the event of disability or incapacity
  • Protect your beneficiaries from losing their inheritance to divorce, creditors, lawsuits, and more
  • Protect your IRAs and retirement plans so that your loved ones can benefit from the assets you leave behind
  • Protect your beneficiaries who may have special needs or disabilities

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Not all Living Trusts are created equal.

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