Private Retirement Plans are one of the fastest growing areas of estate planning law. For your comprehensive plan to be effective, it is vital to have a well-designed asset protection component.

Truthfully there are many unpredictable life situations that may put your legacy at risk. Your plan should be structured in such a way that it helps protect you and your spouse’s assets from “predators” both while you are alive and after you pass away.

A quality asset protection plan can ensure your child’s inheritance is safe in the event of divorce and/or remarriage, protect your grandchildren to ensure that they receive their inheritances if your child passes away and your daughter-in-law or son-in-law remarries, or safeguard your children from their own poor decisions, or substance abuse issues.

At Cunningham Legal, we use a wide range of strategies and legal tools to safeguard your assets for your enjoyment today and in the future, as well as protect the inheritances you leave to your children.

We also work with the leading private retirement plan firm, Trust-CFO

They have developed several plan variations to capitalize on major planning opportunities for diverse sectors.

We are proud to partner with TRUST-CFO, the leading experts in Private Retirement Plans, and contribute to their powerful message for comprehensive wealth preservation, tax and risk management solutions, and advanced planning resources.

We put our confidence in TRUST-CFO as the ultimate administrative support so our valuable work of wealth protection, exemption planning, and Private Retirement Plans succeed as planned.


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