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Building the Best FINANCIAL TEAM: Selecting CPAs & Lawyers

In this important webinar, we look at how to create a serious team to lower your anxiety level, reduce your hassles, and help you make the right moves.

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Why RETIRING IN CALIFORNIA May Actually Be a Smart Idea

Are you trying to decide if you’ll retire in California or head to less expensive states? Whatever your choice, savvy tax and estate planning is required!

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Top Estate Planning GAME CHANGERS for 2022

Don’t wait to educate yourself and bring your estate game plan up to date. Kick off your New Year’s Estate Planning resolutions with this webinar!

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Nervous About the Market? Rethinking Portfolio RISK

How deep should you be in the stock market? In other types of investment? Are you taking the appropriate level of risk for your…

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Right and Wrong Things to Do When You INHERIT Money

There are right ways to inherit. And there are some very wrong ways to inherit. In this critical moment, one wrong decision could cost you a pretty penny…

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Do Your Adult Children Know WHAT TO DO When You Die?

Are your adult children aware of the long list of critical responsibilities, liabilities, and immediate actions that have to occur when you pass away?

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INSIDER Stock Market Analysis with Phil Blancato

Wondering what to expect in 2022? Join us for an insightful and exclusive conversation with market strategist, Philip Blancato…

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Giving the Gift of Education: PITFALLS and Tax Advantages

Your child or grandchild may only be two, but it’s never too early to plan for college. The costs are astronomical, and the debt…

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Build Back Better TAX PLANNING: End-of-Year Checklist

With a new tax and spend bill that looks like it’s going to get through Congress, and so much change, you need to look at your end-of-year tax & estate checklist!

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How to PREPARE Financially for the Death of a Spouse

As a couple, you’ve done everything you can to be financially secure upon retirement. But have you considered what the financial picture will look like after the first one of you passes?

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‘FAMILY OFFICE’ for High-Net-Worth Tax & Estate Planning

Learn how establishing a “Family Office” at CunninghamLegal enables a proactive approach to family legacy management.

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FINANCIAL Forecast from Washington DC: Advice and Updates

Big news is on the horizon in Washington, D.C. that will change the financial landscape. Insight on pending legislation and what it could mean for the economy and your finances.

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Welcome New Clients of Robert Turrini – Freitas Get To Know You

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CRITICAL 401(k) Year-End Review for Business Owners

As we move toward the end of the year, it’s critical to do a review of your 401(k) structures before December deadlines—a vital part of your year-end tax planning.

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Hot Income Tax Strategy for High Earners: Commercial Solar

It’s almost too late to take advantage of a fantastic, little-known tax strategy: investments in commercial solar.

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Don’t Outlive Your Money: How to CLOSE the Retirement Income Gap

Can’t quite see how you’re going to make it in retirement? Get savvy closing the gap with strategic tips from the experts.

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Major Shifts to Biden Tax Plan, Prop 13/19 Breaking News

Changes are coming fast on the tax front, and we want to keep you updated so you can take rapid action if needed, possibly before year-end.

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Creative Income TAX STRATEGIES for BUSINESS Owners in 2021

Few business owners take the time to investigate creative tax strategies and savings techniques like opportunity zones and solar investment tax credits—are you even aware that such things exist?

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