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Private Real Estate Transactions in California

Private Real Estate Transactions in CaliforniaHOW TO DO A PRIVATE REAL ESTATE TRANSACTION WITH A KNOWN BUYER – PRIVATE PROPERTY TRANSFERS, SIMPLE AND COMPLEX Do I need a broker if I already have a buyer? How do I give or sell a house to a child? How do I sell a commercial building or apartment...

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Family Office Practice

FAMILY OFFICE PRACTICE CREATE A FAMILY OFFICE FOR LEGAL & FINANCIAL AFFAIRS What is a Family Office? How does it provide for the unique needs of high net-worth families? Who is part of a Family Office team? What is the Family Office Annual Summit? What is the Family Office annual cycle? We follow the Wilson…

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contributing to your IRA before Tax Day 2020

Advanced Tax Planning

ADVANCED TAX PLANNING SERVICES FOR HIGH NET-WORTH FAMILIESADVANCED TAX PLANNING SERVICES FOR HIGH NET-WORTH FAMILIESSophisticated forward tax planning to minimize taxes for both high net-worth families and businesses. What tax strategies have very wealthy families traditionally used that I should consider too? How much in assets require professional tax planning? How can I reduce estate...

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California Prop. 13 Protection & Prop 19 Strategy

PROP 13 & PROP 19 PROTECTION FOR YOUR FAMILYCALIFORNIA PROP. 13 PROTECTIONS, PROP. 19 STRATEGIESCunninghamLegal offers advanced legal strategies to avoid property reassessments under California Proposition 13 and Proposition 19. New strategies now available for Prop 19 transfers to children after the February 2021 deadline. Protect your Prop. 13 Caps!   (Please note: this page was...

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Asset Protection

How to Create an Asset Protection Strategy in California Wealth preservation trust strategies for both you and your heirs: How to protect your assets from creditors and lawsuits. How to guard assets for your retirement. You’ve worked hard to build a nest egg: cash, investments, properties, and more. But all these assets could be lost...

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Why & HOW to Use an LLC for Real Estate Investing

If you want to build a real estate empire, large or small, you really need a Limited Liability Company (LLC) to do it right. Beyond the liability, succession, and tax issues, did you know that without an LLC you are limited to just four mortgages? Must you be a licensed real estate agent? What about the 750 hour requirement? Join our founder Jim Cunningham, along with Stuart Wright of CEB and Norma Hannemann of Coldwell Banker, to learn the nuts and bolts of building a real estate portfolio the smart way.

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LLC vs. Corp—Which Is Best for Your Business?

What’s the best structure for your business or real estate investments—a Limited Liability Company (LLC) or Corporation? Which best fits your needs and offers the most solid asset protections and tax advantages? What’s the optimum way to limit personal liability? Do you want the simplest and most flexible structure to protect your personal assets or should you consider a more complex structure? Join us for a deep dive into the pros and cons, along with the key factors you must consider when making this vital business decision!

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ADVANCED Tax Strategies—Successes & Catastrophes

What are the secret tax strategies used by America’s top law firms to help wealthy individuals? Do those strategies actually work? In this fascinating webinar, especially relevant to high net-worth families, we’ll dive into real life case studies of advanced tax planning strategies—good and bad. Family LLCs. Out-of-state Trusts. Real estate maneuvers. You won’t want to miss this lively and informative legal webinar!

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Why and How to Use an LLC for Real Estate Investing in California

Do I need to create an LLC to invest in real estate in California? Do I need an LLC to own commercial or residential real estate? Should I create an LLC for my personal residence? How expensive is it to create an LLC for real estate? Do I need an attorney to create an LLC...

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What types of entities can  California business owners choose for their businesses? What is a sole proprietorship? What is a partnership? What is the difference between general and limited partnerships? How are partnerships taxed? What is the difference between a C-corporation and an S-corporation? How do corporations avoid double taxation? What about owning real estate…

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Helping your child buy house.

Strategies to Help Your Child Buy a House

How can I help my child buy their first home? What tax forms do I need if I give my children money for a house down payment? How do I help my children with a home loan? What impact will loans have on wills and trusts? How do you pass on multi-generational wealth through property?…

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Creating Dynasty Trusts and a Mindset for Multi-Generational Wealth

What is multi-generational estate planning? How can I ensure that the wealth I leave behind is protected for my children and grandchildren? What is a Dynasty Trust? How can a California Dynasty Trust protect my heirs and descendants in California? Dynasty Trusts for high net worth families. By James L. Cunningham Jr, Esq. You’ve worked…

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How to Transfer Prop 13 Caps to Children After Prop 19 Deadline

A possible legal strategy remains open for people to pass their Prop 13 tax assessment caps to their children now that the Prop 19, Feb. 16 2021 deadline has passed. The “Family Property LLC” concept is complex, but should be considered, especially by high-net-worth families. By James L. Cunningham Jr, Esq. (This is an update…

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How can I protect against new tax increases & Biden Tax Plan?

A look at the massive tax changes expected during 2021 to go into effect in 2022. What’s in the Biden Tax Plan? New Estate Taxes or “Death Taxes” expected to increase dramatically. Strategies for 2021, the “Golden Year” to shelter against coming tax changes. By James L. Cunningham Jr, Esq. I pride myself on not…

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