9 Things to Do After Your Email is Hacked

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Email hacking has been in the news a lot, and while most of us don’t have information that rises to the level of national security, we still want to protect our privacy.

If your email gets hacked, do these nine things:

  1. Change your password to a more secure one,
  2. Go to the help section for your ISP for advice,
  3. Report it to your ISP,
  4. Notify your contacts about the security breach,
  5. Scan your computer with an updated anti-virus program,
  6. Review your email settings to ensure no fake accounts were created,
  7. Change your password or security questions for other sites,
  8. Check email folders to delete personally identifiable information, like account numbers and (9) Monitor future breaches.

For the full article from ABC News, go to: 9 Things to Do After Your Email is Hacked